About the EL SOL


Only ten minutes down the mountain from Santa Elena towards Guacimal lies EL SOL, where the forest and climate are drier than in the nearby Cloud Forest of Monteverde. On a farm of nearly 30 acres the SOLists have constructed their home, where they offer a unique experience to visitors. Two gorgeous logs cabins for guests, plus a spa with pool and sauna. Six well trained horsers providing a pleasant way to spend the day amongst peaceful and tranquil sorroundings. Advance booking is appreciated.

Elisabeth offers a special and personal massage treatment to renew good energy and provide the necessary spiritual inner peace.

Javier is in charge of the outdoor activities. He loves to entertain children and is a great guide for hiking the trails or on horseback excursions.

Here are two possible options:

• A day of relaxation could consists of arriving at EL SOL around eight or nine in the morning, where Elisabeth will be there to greet you with a welcoming cup of tea or a coffee before a massage, sauna and refreshing dip in the pool. Afterwards a meal can be served either in the SOListīs home or at the poolside. After a siesta in one of the hammocks you could have the option of a hike on the trails or a lovely horseback ride.

•A day of adventure would centre around an excursion on horseback to a nearby waterfall. The day begins early with a light breakfast in the SOList´s home, followed by a 1 ½ hour ride to the waterfall where one can enjoy a refeshing dip in the natural pools. After a delicious cold lunch you would arrive back at EL SOL around three o´clock, where the heated sauna will be waiting. In the evening the dinner table in the comfortable SOList´s home would be laden with culinary delights, a gourmet meal over which to share the day´s adventures.

These are simply suggestions. At EL SOL everybody chooses his own way, and the SOLists will make it an unforgettable time. This is a place to renew your spirit in whatever way best suits you.